In line with the latest government announcements Go Travel Motorhome Hire will be taking bookings from 12 April 2021, see information below on restrictions in line with government guidelines. Please ensure you check the government rules before you travel. If in doubt contact the campsites you intend to stay at to ensure your holiday can go ahead as you intend.

Should your holiday have to be cancelled due to Covid restrictions we offer a no quibble full refund.

Guidelines as per 1st April 2021

For bookings in England and Scotland between 12th April to 16th May, and for Wales between 12th April to 9th May -what are the rules?

If your holiday is due to begin between 12th April and 16th May in England and Scotland (to 9th May in Wales) we hope you should be able to go ahead as planned. However, please note that during this period you are only permitted to stay in the motorhome with your own household (or household and support bubble) and not as part of a multi-household group.

Based on the currently available guidance, we believe that travel restrictions should be lifted and it will be possible for guests from other countries to travel to Scotland.

If we believe your booking may not be possible due to the restrictions, we will contact you via email. 

For bookings in England between 17th May to 20th June -what are the rules?

If your holiday is due to begin between 17th May and 20th June we hope you should be able to go ahead as planned. However, please note that during this period you should only stay in the motorhome with a maximum of two households (with support bubbles) OR a maximum of 6 people from different households.

For bookings in Scotland between 17th May and 31st May - what are the rules?

During this period, self-catering accommodation in Scotland is open, but it is only possible to stay in the motorhome if you meet the following criteria:

1. You are travelling as one household (or extended household including support bubble). OR

2. You are travelling as two households (or extended households including support bubbles) with up to a maximum of four people. (Currently we understand that children under 12 will NOT be included in the total count of these households and therefore if some of your party are aged under 12, you will be able to travel as a group larger than 4.)

For bookings in Wales after the 10th May - what are the rules?

During this period, we hope that it will be possible for holidays to continue as normal. There has been an indication that the Welsh government will introduce the “rule of 6” or rules that permit two households to meet together in holiday accommodation, however this has not yet been confirmed.

For bookings in Scotland due to begin on or after 1st June - what are the rules?

At the current time the Scottish government believe it is too early to give specific dates for what restrictions will be in place beyond the end of May. However, the continued relaxation of restrictions is expected to continue.

At the time of writing, it is expected that restrictions across Scotland will reduce to level 1 at the beginning of June and to level 0 at the end of June. In these phases up to 6 people from 3 households can stay in self-catering accommodation together based on the currently available guidelines.

For bookings in England on or after 21st June - what are the rules?

If your holiday is due to begin on or after the 21st June, we hope your holiday will be able to go ahead as planned. During this period it is hoped that all limits on social contact can be removed.

A refundable deposit of £1000 must be paid before/or on collection using a debit/credit card in the name of the main driver. This is a pre-authorisation payment, no money will be taken from the account, rather it reserves it in-case of need. The deposit covers the insurance excess and damages/breakages/driving offences/breaches related to the Rental Terms and Conditions which occur whilst on hire. The security deposit is refunded within 7 days of returning the vehicle.

All our motorhomes are below 3500kg and can be driven by all drivers with a valid full UK driving licence and overseas licences (even if you have a C category licence in your own country, by UK law you are only permitted up to 3500kg on the roads).

European licences specify various maximum limits. Please check that you have a suitable licence before booking as hire will be refused and the hire cancelled without a refund should this not be the case.

Yes. For insurance purposes, the driver must be between 25 and 75 years old, and have held a licence for at least 3 years. The driver must not have more than 6 points on their licence.

In the UK, speed limits for motorhomes are not the same as for cars. 70mph is the maximum on motorway but on dual carriageways the maximum is restricted to 60mph and 50mph on single carriageways, unless there are signs which display lower or specific speed restrictions.

Remember the additional weight and size of the motorhome compared to a car and make allowance for this when driving, particularly on unfamiliar roads. Care should also be taken when driving in windy conditions and when passing higher sided vehicles.

All of our motorhomes are fitted with modern turbo diesel engines, based on either Ford Transits or Fiat Ducato vehicles. These are powerful and economical, but due to the size and weight of the vehicles will generally average around 20-28mpg depending upon driving conditions.

All motorhomes will be supplied with a full tank of fuel, they must also be returned with a full tank of diesel for the next user or additional charges will occur. A list of garages local to us will be provided in your information pack in the motorhome.

All our motorhomes and vans have high backed seats with three point lap and diagonal belt seatbelts. These seats can be used to secure most child seats. The Zerifo 675 has 2 rear facing seats around the dinette. These seats have lap belts and not three point diagonal belts. Please check the seat belt options for each vehicle by looking at the Further Details page for each motorhome/van.

Dogs are welcome in the motorhomes, subject to an additional charge. The supplement covers the additional cleaning required at the end of the hire. Maximum 2 dogs per motorhome.

Yes. Free on-site parking at the owners risk is available for the duration of your stay.

Our standard pick up and drops off are on Thursday, Friday or Saturdays. However please let us know when you wish to go, as long as it fits in with our other hires you should be able to collect at any day that suits you.

Our standard collection time is from 3pm. All motorhomes need to be back by 10.30am so that we have time to clean, service and repair as necessary.

Please allow around 1 hour for collection and hand over of the motorhome, in this time we will go through all the necessary paperwork, details of the motorhome including all features and operation and can answer any questions that should arise.

We will carry out inspection of the vehicles and ensure are happy with everything before you leave. Whilst we know you will be keen to get on your way it is important to understand the vehicles before starting your holiday.

Please allow around 30-45mins to return the motorhome.

We have a minimum of a 3 nightly rental. If you are thinking about hiring a motorhome for more than two weeks, discounts are available. In peak weeks (Easter holidays, May bank holidays, school summer holidays and October half term) we have a minimum hire period of 7 days on the Zerifo 696 and 675.

Anywhere in the UK and Europe, with unlimited mileage. You will need to notify us if you’re planning to travel to Europe as you will need additional insurance and breakdown cover, see our Optional Extras page.

Specific countries subject to agreement.

We recommend using officially recognised campsites; please check availability before booking as we are not responsible if you cannot find a site.

Many campsites are popping up in the UK to reflect the surge in staycations, so please research the area you are planning on visiting. Organisations such as the caravan and camping club have directories, and becoming a member gives additional benefits and discounts. We can offer a discounted Caravan & Camping Club membership – see our Optional Extras page.

We do not recommend ‘wild camping’ and many car parks and lay-bys have restrictions on overnight stays, so to avoid being moved on or fined please research or ask landowners permission before pitching up for the night.

All of our motorhomes come equipped with gas sufficient for a normal week’s camping. The gas is used for cooking on the hobs, for the central heating and water heaters (dual fuel gas and 230V electric), and in the Zefiro’s for cooking in the oven or the grill.

The Zefiro motorhomes come complete with 2x6kg Propane bottles, should additional bottles be required these are readily available from most good campsites or stockists.

The Toleno has a built in gas tank (approx 25 litres), this will be supplied full and can be refilled at any LPG Autogas stations.

All our motorhomes are equipped with large leisure batteries, solar panels and on board chargers, these will power all the lights, on board water pumps, TV and (combined with the gas) will provide a cold fridge and central heating / hot water.

On board control panels show the battery status, the capacity is limited so care must be taken to monitor and use the resource sparingly.

Electric hook ups are available at most campsites, and using the leads provided with the motorhomes means you will not have to worry about the capacity of the battery lasting the night.

A 240V electric connection will also allow use of any 240V appliances in the motorhomes, such as kettles, microwaves, toasters, hairdryers etc. and there are various sockets built into each vehicle. The fridge and central heating can also operate on electricity alone.

Where electric hook ups are not available generators may also be used, although their use is limited on many sites.

An electric connection is not essential, but for use of all facilities and modern gadgets everyone is used to can greatly improve the quality of your motorhome experience.

In the unlikely event that you experience a breakdown, our motorhomes have the benefit of RAC breakdown cover.

We will provide you with a list of emergency telephone numbers and a ‘what to do’ pack in each motorhome so that you are assumed that everything is done to help you in an emergency

Any damage to the motorhome or items supplied with the motorhome should be reported at the earliest opportunity to allow us to sort repairs and source any replacement parts or items prior to